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Welcome to Medallion Medical Technologies web site, we are please to list a wide variety of systems for you to review and determine which will be the best fit for your organization. At anytime you have a question please feel free to call +1-239-793-6899 or email us so that we can help you make the right decision. We only supply quality systems that have been thoroughly inspected by one of our qualified technician so that we may determine which systems we will buy and use for refurbishment.

Siemens Magnetom Pink Equipment

The Magnetom Espree Pink machine is the first MRI scanner by Siemens that was developed especially for breast exams. This machine is designed with an open bore scanner that is the shortest system available. This scanner is 125cm with an inner diameter of 70cm that provides more openness to those patients who are claustrophobic. It also provides the option of performing a feet first exam for your patients.

Philips Achieva 1.5T A-Series Equipment

The Achieva 1.5T A-Series machine is an MRI system that is going to offer you a premium performance in all of the applications available. This system is equipped with up to 32 RF receiver channels as well as an extensive range of high-channel receive coils. When you use this MRI system, you have access to some advanced clinical applications such as 3D cardiac imaging and 4D imaging.

Philips Achieva 3.0T TX Equipment

The Achieva 3.0T TX machine by Philips is an MRI system that features the MultiTransmit RF technology. This MRI system is the first in the MRI imaging industry to be able to project multiple RF transmit signals to adjust to your patient’s anatomy. The MultiTransmit technology will boost your scan speeds as well as enhance the image quality giving you more consistent results. This MRI machine has been designed to provide you with enhanced image uniformity and consistency and will deliver you high quality images for high-field applications

Philips Intera 1.5T Equipment

The Intera 1.5T machine by Philips is an MRI system that is going to offer you a large range of possibilities for your clinic. It offers you the capability to customize your exam to be able to perform your exam with your patient the way that you want it. When you buy an Intera 1.5T, you are going to receive an MRI system that provides your clinic with excellent image quality.


The Philips Achieva 3.0T X-Series machine has a wide open, flared short bore design that is very patient friendly and easy to use which allows for high patient throughput. It is one of the compact 3T machines on the market and provides a large 50cm field of view (FOV). The magnet is lightweight and compact which allows it to be sited almost anywhere.

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