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Refurbishing Process for pre-owned radiology equipment.

Our thoroughly refurbished and re-assembled diagnostic systems are examined at the time of de installation and throughout the refurbishment and re-assembly process to assure electrical, mechanical, and cosmetic upgrades are installed to meet OEM performance specifications and like new operation. All Medallion Medical Technologies Diagnostics refurbished and re-assembled products are guaranteed to deliver performance and safety features that meet or exceed original manufacturer's specifications. Below is an overview of our refurbishing process:

STEP 1: Selection
We carefully select only the very best, mid-life equipment for refurbishing. We avoid equipment that has experienced high usage or has been poorly maintained. This is equipment that we are confident has been well cared for under factory service contracts.

STEP 2: Mechanical
Our extensive refurbishing and reassembling process includes complete refurbishment and re-assembling of all mechanical, electrical, and computer systems. Our expertise includes the most popular systems from GE, Picker, and Siemens. Each system is subjected to a comprehensive refurbishing and reassembling procedures, including:
• Dismantle all major components
• Inspect all mechanical systems
• Replace cooling fans
• Replace bearings
• Replace worn table cables
• Reassembling of all systems
• Adjust all bearings and tolerances

STEP 3: Electrical
Our experienced engineers completely refurbish and re-assemble the system, insuring compliance with FDA laws and OEM equipment specifications. Our process includes:
• Complete electrical inspection/re-assembly
• Replace all worn high voltage cables
• Replace all worn wiring harnesses
• Replace all worn connectors
• Replace all defective components, switches, controls, and indicators
• Replace CRT in all monitors
• Certification of OEM specifications
• Complete calibration of X-Ray system
• Power requirements adjusted to 50 or 60 Hz
• Add DICOM-3 interface
• Add the latest available software revisions

STEP 4: Cosmetic
Not only is the equipment refurbished and re-assembled functionally, but we also cosmetically recondition it to make it look like new. Our process includes:
• Systems are professionally cleaning inside and out, sanded, and any imperfections are repaired
• Complete disassembly, preparation and painting of all components to OEM or customer matched color.
• Silk-screen all control panels
• Replace all necessary labels
• Replace all worn buttons and indicators

STEP 5: Staging Process & Testing
All systems refurbished or re-assembled by Medallion Medical Technologies are completed in house at our facility where they are staged to insure that the system meets all OEM performance specifications to assure a quality installation and years of operations. By staging the system it insures our clients that their newly acquired unit has been thoroughly tested under actual medical applications. Once the refurbishing is completed, every system is pre-staged all in our staging bays where we performance test are ran to meet the OEM specifications, and functionally test the equipment before it leaves our facility. Tests include:
• Test all components
• Test major subsystems
• Stage and test complete system

STEP 6: Installation
Once the equipment has passed all the testing and it is ready to go we will deliver and professionally install the system at your facility that meets FDA laws and OEM specification. Once installed our engineers will guide you through the functions of the equipment and train technicians, if required. This includes:
• Supply all planning documents
• Site planning
• Install at your facility
• Train technicians

To insure customer confidence, all systems sold and installed by Medallion Medical Technologies come with a Complete Applications and Training course insuring our client’s total comfort with their newly acquired system. With this additional training service we have been able to allow our clients to become familiar with their new system without having the pressure of relying on their own facilities.

Every refurbished and reassembled system comes with a Comprehensive Warranty including all glassware, parts and labor. Medallion Medical Technologies guarantees fast response time for all your warranty needs anywhere throughout the United States. This type of quality after sale support is why Medallion Medical Technologies continues to thrive and prosper in such a highly competitive atmosphere.

Refurbishing Benefits
When considering the purchase or reallocation of an existing medical asset which is restored back to its original quality level and original manufactures specifications can prove extremely cost effective. Medallion Medical Technologies has extensive experience in the refurbishment of all major imaging modalities from the industries most respected manufacturers.
Medallion Medical Technologies engineers each average over 25 years of experience in the service and repair of all imaging equipment. For many organizations, purchasing refurbished equipment is a cost-effective alternative compared to purchasing new equipment. Savings are typically 40 to 60 percent off less than new equipment. With this level of savings, healthcare organizations can stretch their equipment dollars, providing for multiple requirements.

Every refurbished system comes with a Gold,Silver, or Bronze Warranty. Medallion Medical Technologies guarantees fast response time for all your warranty needs. This type of quality after sale support is why Medallion Medical Technologies continues to thrive and prosper in such a highly competitive atmosphere.

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