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Medallion Medical Technologies, Inc. - "Who We Are"

About Medallion Medical Technologies, Inc. - "Who We Are"

Medallion Medical Technologies was founded in 2009 by Ronald J. Ragan, an industry leader for over 25 years and a passionate veteran in the imaging sales and service community. Ron has the vision that with his knowledge and connections he can provide better options and deliver imaging expertise as well as service effeciently and effectively if he does it his way, which is to always consider the customer first.

Ron surrounds himself with members who have a proven track record in medical imaging and a passion parallel to his own.

Important Facts:

At Medallion Medical Technologies we....

  • Provide top notch medical imaging solutions to hospitals, private clinics, imaging centers and veterinary clinics worldwide.
  • Specialize in MRI/CT fixed and mobile units.
  • Employ expert staff averaging over 25 years of experience in the medical imaging field.
  • Can take your wish list for a cost effective, efficient, state of the art imaging center and make it reality, through Medallion’s comprehensive customer service and product sloutions.
  • Customize equipment combinations advantageous to customer needs.
  • Take your project from competitive bid to deinstallation, room planning, installation, training and service.
  • Have the expertise and experience with retro-fits and antiquated as well as modern facilities large and small.
  • Have a users list and product line that speak for themselves.
  • Are responsive to industry innovations and are able to pass advances along to the customer rapidly.
  • Purchase top quality pre-owned systems and refurbish them to a cosmetically and internally pristine condition.
  • Provide you with equipment that looks like new, works like new, but costs 40% less...you don’t have to risk reliability to save money and increase your bottom line.

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