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Medallion Medical Technologies, Inc. - "Benefits"

Medallion Medical Technologies, Inc. - "Benefits"

Medallion Medical Technologies, Inc. delivers the perfect business solution for virtually any medical facility that needs to boost its diagnostic imaging capacity whether you are experiencing a patient backlog, upgrading equipment or undergoing a construction project.

We give you immediate, short or long-term access to advanced MRI and CT systems. You will receive the extra imaging capabilities you need to stay on schedule.

We have a program that’s right for you. Medallion Medical Technologies, Inc. can keep your business running even when your equipment is not. Whether you need a temporary system during an upgrade, or an additional system for patient backlogs, we have a program that’s right for you.

Reliable quality

Every Medallion Medical Technologies, Inc. system is equipped with advanced MRI or CT technology. We help you accommodate your patients and referring physicians with the highest quality exams. Our modern fleet of equipment provides technological excellence, clinical value and piece of mind.

We offer a variety of advanced imaging systems and configurations to precisely match your clinical needs:

  • Easy siting with a variety of mobile configurations
  • Software platforms are at current state-of-the-art levels to assure optimal imaging and reconstruction of patient data

Preserve your capital

Medallion Medical Technologies, Inc. delivers immediate access to the advanced MRI and CT imaging technology that you need without being exposed to the financial risks of long-term commitments.

No capital expense commitment

Short-term rental costs may be treated as routine operating expenses, so there's no impact on your capital resources or your credit rating.

No budget hurdle

Tradeoffs against other budgetary priorities are eliminated since rental costs are paid from incremental revenue generated by the equipment itself.

Flexible terms

There is a wide choice of equipment options and rental lengths to allow you to select the system that matches your specific needs on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis.

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