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GE Discovery MR750

The Discovery MR750
The Discovery MR750

Start from a position of Power
Every scan a study in speed. Conduct in-room patient set up in as little as 30 seconds and start scanning in just two simple steps. The in-Room Operator Console (iROC) consolidates patient set-up information and operator controls in one place.

The Discovery MR750 makes routine exams fast, and advanced exams routine.
Higher performance with real-time system optimization. PERFORM 2.0 automatically fine-tunes system SAR modeling, personalizing it for every patient.
Unique gradient architecture for faster acquisitions. Heat extraction for fewer slowdowns. The advanced thermal management system increases reliability five-fold over previous generations of 3.0T systems.
Accelerated parallel imaging. A data-driven parallel-imaging technique, ARC utilizes a full 3D data kernel for high fidelity reconstruction and image quality.
Faster reconstructions. Reconstruction processing gains open the door for data intensive 32-channel studies once thought impractical on 3.0T MR systems.
Anatomy-optimized RF coils and arrays. High-density arrays focus coil elements around the anatomy of interest and provide extended coverage where needed, for optimal image quality in virtually every procedure.
Easily scalable for future expansion. Built on an optical RF data pipeline, the scalable architecture can be expanded to support 128 channels of simultaneous data acquisition.

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