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GE Discovery CT750 HD CT Scanner

The Discovery CT750 HD is a high-definition CT system. This CT scanner produces high definition images at up to 230 micron resolution. It has been proved to produce 2.5 times more views per rotation which will improve the overall resolution. When you buy the Discovery CT750 HD CT scanner, you are going to be able to see the finest details when viewing the images that are produced. The Discovery CT750 HD has a redesigned image chain and is powered by the Gemstone™ detector to produce high resolution images.

When using the GE Discovery CT750 HD, you will see up to a 33% increase in spatial resolution across the whole body. You will also see up to a 50% less dose to your patients. It features the Performix™ HD tube that has the ability to enhance the resolution through dynamic control.

The Discovery CT750 HD, the world's first high-definition computed tomography (CT) provides an improved image with less radiation dose per scan for patients. This new technology offers up to 83 percent less dose on cardiac scans and up to 50 percent less dose across the rest of the body.

The new scanner is designed to give doctors greater diagnostic confidence through "HD-quality" imaging with reportedly 33 percent greater clarity and allows physicians to see small vessels from head to toe - as thin as a human hair. The CT750 also is engineered to provide clinicians with minimized image distortion, the ability to accurately analyze masses and lesions regardless of their location, and the capability to isolate problems for precise treatment planning.

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