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A Letter From Our Founder…..

Welcome to Medallion Medical Technologies!

More than 25 years ago, I made a decision that changed my life forever. Starting in the medical field as an engineer, I worked first hand with customers asking more questions and listening more closely to their exact needs providing them with the services they needed and the results they deserved. With this vast knowledge, I became the co-founder of the largest third party imaging company in the United States.

Today, as I move into the future, I am proud to say that I will remain true and committed to my values and vision through my new venture Medallion Medical Technologies. With my past accomplishments benchmarking my goals, I continue to recognize that every customer has its own unique market position and strategies and I will work hard to understand and meet these special needs – one customer at a time.

I am building Medallion Medical Technologies on a rock-solid foundation of continuity. This is one of MMT’s greatest advantages.

About Medallion Medical Technologies, Inc. - "Who We Are"

Medallion Medical Technologies was founded in 2009 by Ronald J. Ragan, an industry leader for over 25 years and a passionate veteran in the imaging sales and service community. Ron has the vision that with his knowledge and connections he can provide better options and deliver imaging expertise as well as service effeciently and effectively if he does it his way, which is to always consider the customer first.

Ron surrounds himself with members who have a proven track record in medical imaging and a passion parallel to his own.

Important Facts:

At Medallion Medical Technologies we....

  • Provide top notch medical imaging solutions to hospitals, private clinics, imaging centers and veterinary clinics worldwide.
  • Specialize in MRI/CT fixed and mobile units.
  • Employ expert staff averaging over 25 years of experience in the medical imaging field.
  • Can take your wish list for a cost effective, efficient, state of the art imaging center and make it reality, through Medallion’s comprehensive customer service and product sloutions.

Medallion Medical Technologies, Inc. - "Benefits"

Medallion Medical Technologies, Inc. delivers the perfect business solution for virtually any medical facility that needs to boost its diagnostic imaging capacity whether you are experiencing a patient backlog, upgrading equipment or undergoing a construction project.

We give you immediate, short or long-term access to advanced MRI and CT systems. You will receive the extra imaging capabilities you need to stay on schedule.

MRI Imaging Scans

Reviewed by Dr Sarah Burnett, consultant radiologist and Dr John Pillinger, GP

What is an MRI scan?

MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) is a fairly new technique that has been used since the beginning of the 1980s.

The MRI scan uses magnetic and radio waves, meaning that there is no exposure to X-rays or any other damaging forms of radiation.

How does an MRI scanner work?

We buy, sell, lease and refurbish mobile trailers for CT, MRI, PET, and Special procedures. Turnkey Mobiles Systems also available.

Regardless of modality or original manufacturer, Medallion Medical Technologies offers high quality and cost effective solutions for the refurbishment of mobile medical trailers and coaches.

Medallion Medical Technologies offers full service mobile imaging solutions from custom trailer and equipment refurbishment to complete interior planning and design.

Our thoroughly refurbished and re-assembled diagnostic systems are examined at the time of de installation and throughout the refurbishment and re-assembly process to assure electrical, mechanical, and cosmetic upgrades are installed to meet OEM performance specifications and like new operation. All Medallion Medical Technologies Diagnostics refurbished and re-assembled products are guaranteed to deliver performance and safety features that meet or exceed original manufacturer's specifications. Below is an overview of our refurbishing process:

STEP 1: Selection

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